Friday, April 21, 2017

Kimono/ musee Guimet, la Fete des Printemps, glycine

Lavender blue dilly, dilly..I'm flower-obsessed since Georgianna Lane's PARIS IN BLOOM.
There are plenty of flowers at the exposition, KIMONO, Musee Guimet.
Showers of cherry blossoms
Reflect the flowered kimono fabrics
They certainly influenced French couture designers like Yes Saint Laurent with this patterned robe.
The annual La Fete des Printemps is on at department store Printemps
Yellow and purple go together always on the color wheel. Have you tried it?
Perfection, this yellow door crowned by lavender wisteria. The French word is 'glycine'!
More yellow and purple.
I left a note on this window sill. SVP Paint your shutters jaune!!
Old Paris has hidden enclaves of cobblestone streets full of wisteria, for the moment at least. You'll feel you've stepped into the countryside. Have you searched them out? Very affordable! 
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Bon WEEKEND a tous!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Old Paris

Thank you PBers for coming round to my Etsy sale this weekend. And what a glorious weekend it was here. I still love The Old Paris. Don't you? For some classic 20s French music please CLICK.
A tourist was practicing her selfie shots while two gents could have cared less at Aux Vieux Paris.
The wisteria are out in full bloom.
Serenity now in the gardens
Around Notre Dame
I hope the old timey shops on Ile Saint-Louis never go away.
Nor the classic red table cloth restaurants. What would Paris be without the old standbys?
For charming French windows don't miss perfumer Diptyque on rue Pontoise and bd Saint Germain
They never disappoint.
I wandered over to the weekly Sunday bird market. I bet this hasn't changed much.
So easy to fall in love.
A French family testing out a new addition?
Beautiful skies yesterday in Paris.
An old timey band, Borsalino was playing classic French tunes. You can hear them on my link above

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Etsy Weekend Sale, creating the April letter, think Green

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Let me know if you have any problems. I've been thinking Green this week. Wasn't it Earth Day?
New Spring seasonal vegetables are in the markets. Hooray!
It seemed like an easy idea to translate into watercolor. Ha.
17,000 pencil sketches later...not so easy but much eating of radis rouge. These are big radishes.
Asperges too...matching the subtle pink-to-green color...not so easy.
Petit pois! A more yellowy green.
Last weekend I made a dash to gorgeous chateau Vaux le Vicomte, just an hour from Paris.
I fell in love with these British floral prints.
Perfect for my April letter non?
But a trip to Georges' candy shop, Le Bonbon au Palais changed my mind.
Better go with French school labels. Why can't I write like French school kids? Practice, practice.
Et voila. The end result after much vegetable eating. Maybe I should do this every month?
BHV has green on their mind. Windows full of garden whimsy, especially the Magritte apple pillow.
Flower shop, Au Nom de la Rose is thinking greens. What is Citisus? Pretty no?
Green grass everwhere in Paris, especially under chocolate bunnys. They were even mowing the lawn in my tiny garden out back! 
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Bon WEEKEND a tous!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Marché d'Aligre, April map

I used to come to Paris and never go to the marché. If I did I'd race through terrified. What was I thinking?
Marjorie Williams of Markets of Paris (and Provence) has a little VIDEO to help you overcome your fears and discover one of Paris' great vibrant treasures.
Easy transport- take Metro 8 or bus86 to stop Ledru-Rollin. A good shortcut I discovered yesterday - turn left onto rue Antoine Vollon. At #8 grab a terrific sandwich at top patisserie Blé Sucre
They have Paris' best madeleines to boot. Walk to the end of the park and turn left.
Take rue Theophile Roussel into Marché Aligre. At #1 you can drink 'une verre' at le Baron Rouge.
Gorgeous fait maison chocolates at Puerto Cacao at #2. Note their exterior is patterned like a chocolate bar.
David Lebovitz likes bistro Le Charolais around the corner on #15 rue de Cotte for their steak frits.
Just across the street is the covered market, Marche Beauveau.
Inside beaucoup specialty purveyers; poissonnerie, fromageries, traiteurs l'Italiane, bieres, marchand d'epices.
And bio patisserie Jo and Co.
Then head out the front entrance into the heart of the marche.
The most accessible of Paris' markets, d'Aligre is open 6 days a week from 7 am - 1:30
Another great plus is you can help yourself without getting yelled at at d'Aligre.
There are plenty of free tastes and you're not obliged to buy unlike some other markets. Prices are great. There is always room for bargainng. Most vendors are multi-lingual I've found but do say your 'Bonjours' like Marjorie suggests.
Come 12:30 you'll hear vendors singing 
Its Sale time in the market.
Don't miss la Graineterie in the corner for potted herbs, unusual grains and beans.
The daily scruffy flea market in Place d'Aligre sells old books, kicknacks. I was so busy shooting I missed seeing this great find. A top hat Moet and Chandon Champagne ice bucket! All I could see-Japanese fans. Will it be there tomorrow..?
Paris map inspiration comes from where ever. I discovered 19th century chromos prints of vegetable people. I couldn't resist throwing them in. Please do not miss out visiting Paris' vibrant markets. There's no better place to start than marché d'Aligre. Its in the 12th arrondissment by the way. As someone asked,'where's the 12th?' Next Time I'll add a mini arrondissement map. 
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The market flower girl is singing, "Li-la, li-la"